Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Making Up...

While in Toowoomba last week I was fortunate to meet Majella from Kookaburra Cottage Quilts .  http://kookaburracottagequilts.com.au/ Majella writes and publishes wonderful patterns,  and over the past few years I've made up quite a few of her designs.  One pattern that I particularly liked is called StarStruck. I told Majella that I'd send her a picture of my quilt (not yet quilted - I'm hoping to get more practice before I tackle it as I really like the quilt), so I thought I'd also share it here.

It's actually too big to lay it on the floor and take a good photo, but you can see the design anyway.  It was fun to make using just strips of fabric!

(I'm having problems getting the photos to go where I want, so I'm giving up).


Also in Toowoomba last week I was really lucky to get out of class early enough one afternoon to have a look at the 1st Prize Winning Garden in their Garden Competition.  My apologies to the owner, I can't acknowledge your name (I don't know it), your garden is just stunning, the plants and plant selection is wonderful, the perfume from the flowers is almost overwhelming and there is so much to see that my eyes jumped from one section to another as if I was in a lolly shop but I especially loved two things - all the mosaics you've incorprated into structures in the garden, be it pots, paths or steps and the beautiful cloth made from yo yo's on the garden table.  Thank You for your generosity in opening your garden to so many of us, it really is inspiring.  Here's a couple of photos -

Have a lovely day, Bev.


  1. love the quilt..........quite a few girls have had pics of the gardens in Toowoomba

  2. great quilt top and I love the one on the table too

  3. love the idea of the yo yo quilt kinda looks like those gorgeous blooms. Your quilt of stars is stunning as well

  4. Hi! Greetings from Finland! Your quilts are so fantastic! It's so nice to find other quilters all around the world! :)