Monday, 28 January 2013

Can You Believe January 2013 is almost done?

It must be a thing about age, but gee this year already is flying!  Over the past couple of weeks I managed a day to get together with a few friends to work on this quilt.  Instructions are from the book Kaleidoscope the Smart Way by Sharon Sebrow and it’s certainly proving to be an interesting way to make this quilt.  I’m hoping to get the border on it before we meet up again in a couple of weeks.


Other than this I found time over the weekend to make a few more blocks for my Gypsy Wife quilt.  I’ve now completed to the end of Month 9 and will start on more ‘filler’ blocks for Month 10 today.


Finally, my thoughts are with all Australians currently experiencing such extreme weather conditions and now flooding, this wonderful country of ours certainly isn’t behaving nicely of late! 

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

SSCS Gift from Wendy

For some reason blogger has decided to stop letting me post photos from my computer, so to get around it I’m writing this in Windows Live Writer.  I don’t know if it’s good or bad - I know I’m not alone in not wanting to make changes, especially with tools, familiarity is good!


Anyway that’s my gripe for the day.  I did manage to get a picture of the gifts Wendy sent me, taken outside on a sunny day the quilting really stands out doesn’t it.  The little quilt will hang most happily next Christmas and as I mentioned in the previous post, I especially love the scarf and am looking forward to the weather cooling a little so I can wear it.

Over the Christmas break I did get a couple of opportunities to sew, so continued progress on my Gypsy Wife quilt (BOM from Amitie).  This photo doesn’t do it justice with the blocks on the wall like this but you can get the idea.  I’m enjoying doing it – a little at a time and now I’m only two months behind!


I particularly like the fabrics for the block in the middle photo – they’re not something I would normally choose or put together.  The picture on the right are actually Farmers Wife blocks that I made a while back and then decided I didn’t like the background of greys. The colours and patterns compliment this project, so I’ve added to some of the blocks to increase their size and will use them here.  I’m enjoying the freedom of just playing and I’m really looking forward to receiving the final two months instructions which tell me how to put it together.  I suspect I’m going to have a lot of playing to get it to work.

Knot Quilters 002This next photo is a quilt my friends and I got together in December to put together.  The pattern is Bounce from Miss Rosies Quilt Co and I just love it!  I’ll take a much better photo when it’s finished, but five of us got together raided our stashes and this is the result.  The fabrics we used are from the pansy era back in the 1990’s and we’re especially happy to make such a contempory quilt using them!  This quilt will eventually be gifted as are all the quilts we make, but gee it gives us a lot of pleasure working to put them together!

Anyway, that’s it for now – I think I have time to just get another block done for the Gypsy Wife before I start work if I go now.  Hope this finds everyone safe and well.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Delivered...SSCS Parcel/'.

Happily for me the Postman was busy this week and delivered my lovely SSCS gift from Wendy in USA.  Being particularly challenged with both crochet and knitting needles, I especially love the scarf Wendy made for me.  I will enjoy wearing it when it finally starts to cool down a little.  I have a lovely photo to share, but blogger and I seem to be at odds today (this is the third time I've tried to post today) so it will have to wait intil it's playing nicely....My sincere thanks go to Wendy who made me such lovely gifts and to Chookyblue for the inspiration she brings and her patience and skill in organising the swap.

I'm off to visit family to the next couple of days so I will try to post again when I return.

Finally, my thoughts are with all Australians suffering through these past heatwaves and now shocking bushfires.  Please stay safe whereever you are.

Regards, Bev