Monday, 28 January 2013

Can You Believe January 2013 is almost done?

It must be a thing about age, but gee this year already is flying!  Over the past couple of weeks I managed a day to get together with a few friends to work on this quilt.  Instructions are from the book Kaleidoscope the Smart Way by Sharon Sebrow and it’s certainly proving to be an interesting way to make this quilt.  I’m hoping to get the border on it before we meet up again in a couple of weeks.


Other than this I found time over the weekend to make a few more blocks for my Gypsy Wife quilt.  I’ve now completed to the end of Month 9 and will start on more ‘filler’ blocks for Month 10 today.


Finally, my thoughts are with all Australians currently experiencing such extreme weather conditions and now flooding, this wonderful country of ours certainly isn’t behaving nicely of late! 

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