Friday, 8 February 2013

WIP ..Taking Shape ….



Bit more progress made on my Gypsy Wife BOM from Amitie lately.  It’s ironic that just when I’ve finally caught up (and I know because I saw the bank statement that another package is on the way), that I have to take it down and put it away for a month or so because….wait for it….I’m going on holidays!  I don’t leave for another week or so, sadly that’s only 3 home days - the remainder being work days, to get my house,  garden and especially my dogs ready for the lovely lady who will be housesitting for us.

IMG_2456  IMG_2455

We’ll be away for almost a month.  Initially we’re packing the caravan and heading to Ballarat for the SWAP meet, and I’m very excited because this is an area that I’ve wanted to explore for quite some time. Towards the end of our time away we’re helping our daughter move from Brisbane to Sydney to start a new job.  My head is spinning at the thought of all those as yet unknown Patchwork Shops and wonderful places I’m going to encounter along the way!  The RACQ trip planner tells me it will be at least 6500 kilometres, not including any sightseeing or detours encountered along the way!  Most importantly if anyone reading this knows of a good shop or two along the way, please be sure to let me know!!!!

Before  I go, to keep me on track this year and hopefully finish some of those projects I have in the cupboard, I’ve joined – Dawn and Wendy’s Sew It’s Finished UFO Challenge, and while I have nothing to post at the moment I will do before too long.

Cheers, Bev

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  1. Better call into the farm along the safe.........