Sunday, 23 September 2012

Highs and Lows.....

I've always been here, just not blogging. Sorry friends. Not much to say lately and as always too much to do.

I'm madly racing to finish My Growing Up quilt but I keep getting distracted.  I have managed to get all four borders on and now I only have the binding, a hanging sleeve and tidying up to do. 

One of the wonderful distractions was attending the Infinite Horizons travelling Quilt show last weekend, hosted by the local Emerald Patchwork group.  The show was wonderful!  The red & white quilts were magnificent as was the display of quilts from local members.  However I was so busy having such a wonderful time that I didn't get a single photo!  Fortunately, Peggy, Evol & I had already planned a trip to Barcaldine at the end of this month when the quilts are there, so I will be sure to get lots of photos then.  I have copied the picture below from a magazine, but it will give you an idea of what was on display. 

One of my favourites was a quilt called Westpac Recycled, by Joan Robinson of Mackay.  I stood looking at it wondering why the maker had two beautifully made 'house' blocks in the middle of many stars and it was only after I checked the catalogue that I looked closer and realized that she had used her daughters uniforms from when whe was working for Westpac at Mount Isa and Normanton to make the blocks.  I too worked for Westpac back in the 1980's and I had the same uniforms.  They were lovely fabrics, what a shame I didn't see far enough to keep mine and make something like this.

I promise I will take photos in Barcaldine.


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