Sunday, 25 November 2012

Moving Along...

Life's been busier than ever lately - it always is as we get closer and closer to Christmas and the inevitable end of yet another year. 

This past weekend we travelled to tropical Townsville (North Queensland) to celebrate a very special birthday with my brother-in law, Roy.  It has been a year of highs and lows for him, his health has not been great, so it really was wonderful to celebrate with him and his extended family.  Our accommodation was just behind the Strand so the balmy sea breeze and beautiful scenery more than compensated for any heat! (Actually I think it was cooler there than it is at home now).  A most beautiful place to visit.

But, before I left last Thursday, I raced off to the Post Office and posted the gift made especially for my Secret Santa Swap.  I can't share photos yet, but I am checking her blog and as soon as I get the OK I will post photos.  I was especially happy with the gifts I made and think I will have to make another set, just for me!

So my immediate sewing priorities are over, I'm not sure which of the many WIPs I have I will start on - I think I may have to shame myself by listing them all on my blog in the hope that this will motivate me to finishes.  It would be nice to cross something off as it's done.


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