Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year - Welcome 2014

Happy New Year to all who read this blog.  2013 rushed by and on reflection I did have great intentions at the start of 2013, lots of plans for quilts and sewing and getting into some of my many WIPs - it just didn't happen.  C'est la vie -  I had a wonderful year...lots of trips away, bits and pieces of sewing that I really enjoyed doing and lovely times with friends and family. 

Bring on 2014 and again I'd like to be more productive in my sewing room but being realistic, I know that family, home, dogs and work will all take precedence. 

In the meantime, since it just doesn't seem right not to include a photo, here's one taken back in July while attending the Taupo Quilt Symposium in New Zealand.  I had a lovely time, it's a beautiful country and I was very lucky to get into some wonderful classes at the Symposium.  Here I am with Peggy & Pam on our way to class.  There's no need to tell you the temperature, sufficient to say that in Central Queensland over the past week or so the temperature has exceeded the very high 30's and low 40's , so back in July when the photo was taken seems very dreamlike now.

Happy New Year and forward to 2014.

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  1. Happy New Year to you, Bev! When I read about your 2013, I got a picture that it was a perfect and enjoyable year... despite that you didn't have much time to sew. I also try to be realistic and won't set too big goals for this year;o)