Monday, 24 October 2011

Been Away Again ....and Again

Home again now - this time for a while (that's my plan anyway).  It's always lovely to go away but it's just wonderful to be home again.

This past week brought a quick trip to Rockhampton with benefits - I managed a visit to Margaret's aptly named Patchwork Paradise.  Lovely shop with a wonderful selection of fabrics.

Thursday came and went with my friend Peggy & I off to Brisbane to attend the Queensland Quilt show and Stitches & Craft.  Sadly, I left my camera behind so you'll have to check Peggy's blog  or Queensland Quilters for photos, but as always the quilts were inspiring.  Whenever I attend a show such as this, I'm challenged to do better myself.  To take more care when cutting, stitching and quilting, to try new patterns, colours and designs, but mostly I come away inspired and itching to start!  Here's what I brought home - not quite sure what I'll start first, but I'm pretty keen to try the skirt patterns from Sew Outside the Lines.

(I'd better add that I've just spent the past three hours tidying my sewing room so it's unlikely I'll start a new project today!  In fact I'd best not start anything new for the next few years - I have a lot of works in progress (HA - as if that would stop me.)

To complete my wonderful weekend, I visited Eagle Farm Markets on my way to the airport on Sunday morning.  I do recommend this market, it is just delightful and this is what I brought home for my Dad.
those lamingtons measure 10cms across and down, and are just delicious - as are the slices, chutney, salami, pizza and yoghurt and everything else I sampled while there.  YUM.

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