Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Drum Roll Please.....

It's a glorious morning here - although I know it will be stinking hot later, Louie & I have been out for our morning walk, it's very green and lush after all the rain we've had here over the past few days.  But I'm just making conversation, more importantly have a look at this beautiful package that arrived in the mail -

All the way from Satu my SSCSwap partner in Finland!  How Exciting!  I'm only supposed to open one gift at this time and leave the others under the Christmas Tree for Christmas.  So without waiting any longer, here is my first gift -

The card says "I'm Satu, Santa's little helper from Finland.  This is my second time participating in SSCS.  And it was an exciting and fun experience once again.  Especially because I was honoured to sew something special for YOU! 

In this "pocket" for cards, I used the stitchery pattern (with small changes) of Kerry Swain (Book - Dreaming of a White Christmas).

I hope your Christmas will be full of happiness and sweet memories...  with hugs, Satu".

Isn't that just beautiful?  I am feeling very special and totally love the gifts you have sent me Satu.  Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.....I'm not a very patient person, I'm not sure I will be able to wait until Christmas to open the other packages.

Regards, Bev 


  1. Dear Bev,
    you can't believe how relieved I am, when I saw this post! I was very nervous, because the Moomins delivered the parcel much more slowly than the post officer estimated. And I'm so happy that you liked the Snowman. Now I can sleep more relaxed :o)
    By the way, may I use your nice photo of parcels on my blog. I was so hurry with the posting, that I didn't remember to take a photo of them.
    I'll email you soon...

  2. lovely gifts from Satu.......and she used one of my friends Kerry's design.........Kerry is also in the swap too..........

  3. How gorgeous that Satu has made you a gift using a design out of my book I sent her last year in the SSCS - it looks great