Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Summer is here

It's just been announced on the radio that Summer has officially started today!  Did you notice - I must say I don't really need the reminder, the heat is certainly on here. 

Here's a couple of favourite things from home that remind me summer is here-

I don't know the 'official' name, it was here when we brought our current home, but is certainly is lovely and comes out in flower at the start of each summer.  Here's a closer picture of the flower -

Also in my backyard - planted by me about 4 years ago is this wonderful Mango tree.  Do I need to say anymore?  The fruit is inspected on a daily basis with much anticipation (this is a later fruiting variety and the fruit won't actually ripen for another month or so).

Not much time for sewing lately but this will be rectified today.  I'm off to Peggy's for a sewing day.

Catch you later, Bev

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