Sunday, 24 June 2012


Kevin & I recently went on a bit of a road trip. Amongst other things we were lucky enough to be given tickets to the State of Origin in Sydney. This is our son Chris proudly displaying his support for the Queensland team. We weren’t victorious that night, but the next match - in a couple of weeks will certainly prove interesting.  Even though our team didn’t win it was wonderfully entertaining just being part of the crowd of 83101 (I’m pretty confident that at least 83000 of them were NSW supporters)!


Co-incidentally for me it just so happened that the game was on in Sydney on the opening day of the Sydney Quilt Show!  Winning quilts can be found on this website -  But all the quilts were wonderful.  I particularly liked seeing those from the featured quilters – Judy Hooworth & Shirley Gibson.  I remember some of the fabrics in their quilts - I think I may still have some in my own stash.  It was great to see their progression through style & colour to the quilters they are today.

One of my favourite quilts – because really I admire both the quiltmaker and the subject, was a quilt made by Jenny Bowker to honour Margaret Rolfe.  In glorious bright gold & yellow it really stood out.  I’ve unsuccesfully prowled the internet trying to find a picture I could share, the best I can offer at this time is the following link to Jenny Bowker’s website where the quilt was under construction -
Another highlight of my brief trip to Sydney was the chance to visit Material Obsession.  I had no trouble getting there by public transport and it really was worth it!  I wasn’t quite sure where to look – so many gorgeous fabrics and quilts, and to top it off Wendy Williams was there and remembered me from the workshop I attended with her in Toowoomba!  I happily showed her photos of my own Growing Up quilt and promised to send her a picture whenever I finally complete it – as the saying goes I must pull my finger out….

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  1. My son found this - thank you for liking my quilt. As soon as I have a good photo I will blog it - I will get it back next week.