Tuesday, 3 July 2012


You know how it goes...misguided, feeling so pleased with myself last week for almost finishing a quilt I started back in 2009 (it's now back in the pile), I grabbed yet another of those UFO boxes (from 2010 this time) from the cupboard and thought I'd get into it...started back here  as a Mystery Quilt. 

It surely would have been kinder if one of you had simply hit me over the head.

Shall I say that after many, many hours of cutting half square triangles, carefully, carefully, carefully pinning and then stitching to get all those points and seams to match this is where I'm at...

I'm slow, but it's taken me until now to really read the instructions properly and realize that I've got green where there should have been blue and vice versaa.  My choices now include:
  1. Continue and make it up as I go
  2. Spend a lot of quality time with Mr Unpicker
  3. Put it back in the box it came from and hide it at the bottom of the cupboard
Help! These two friends are no help at all...(although Sara Lee is doing her part)

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