Monday, 23 March 2015

Grand Adventure Tour - Day 3

Up early today, to be collected at 6.20am for a tour of the Grand Canyon.  It takes a good few hours to drive there, so this is a big day.

After a drive through the suburbs of Las Vegas first stop for the day is Burger King for breakfast - another first and one I wouldn't choose to repeat, .  We came here with the belief that Las Vegas was only a few streets centred by 'The Strip".  Actually there's about 1.5 million people living there!

On  to Hoover Dam and this structure is amazing.  I've gone through all the photos we took and really can't find one to do it justice, so I googled it to come up with some.  Click on the link - it is a massive structure.  Not only is the Dam impressive, so is the Mike O'Halloran - Pat Tillman bridge built to divert traffic rom driving over the dam itself.

Next stop is Kingman Arizona for fuel and drinks - memorable because we were told that due to climate and terrain this is where Harley Davidson has a test track (important info for Kevin) it's also the home of a large aircraft boneyard.  The countryside, as in a large part of our trip is harsh - very dry and rocky.  Kingman advertises itself as the Turquoise capital of the world and this certainly peaked my interest, the other fun fact our tour guide shared was that Louis L'Amour spent a lot of time in this area (my father-in-law loved reading Louise L'Amour westerns).

We finally reached our destination - the southern rim of the Grand Canyon about 1.30.  I can't begin to describe it.  It is staggering, 277 miles long and an average of 4000 feet deep, the rock formation and colours are incredible.

We stayed until sunset - when it became very cold before heading back to Vegas to arrive back at our hotel about 10.30.  Despite the late hour after such a full day I couldn't relax so I convinced Kevin to take a walk down the strip with me to see the Bellagio fountains once more. Again, I found them entrancing.  My camera skills just can't do them justice, so check out this You Tube link.

Wandering home we had to go past Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville, I had to stop.  I have a friend who loves Jimmy Buffett, so with thoughts of Kaz I ordered a Margarita a perfect end to a magical day.



  1. a gorgeous spot that I would love visit...........

  2. Doug is really keen to see that boneyard.