Sunday, 12 April 2015

The "Bellagio"

First up this morning was a visit to the Bellagio to pick up tickets for a show.  The interior of this building is just beautiful.  From the floor to the ceiling it's just beautiful!

I particularly loved their Garden room - apparently the theme for the display gets changed regularly.

The scent from the flowers is incredible.  I loved these 'dolls' completely covered in fresh crysthanemums, on one of my visits (and there was a few) I was there when the gardeners/florists? were carefully replacing the spent flowers!

More photos - just because it was so, so pretty!

Moving on - that afternoon I discovered the Outlet Shops.  Need I say more - quite a few hours and dollars were spent!  Levi jeans $39.99 a pair, Nike, Assics and lots and lots of fashion stores! Fun, Fun, Fun.


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