Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Finally, a little sewing..........

Life's been pretty busy over the past few weeks so it was wonderful yesterday to actually do a little cutting and stitching.  I signed up to receive a Block of the Month - Gypsy Wife from Amitie Textiles in Melbourne.  I'm really enjoying the liberty it gives me in that I don't have to choose the fabric or the design, each month an envelope arrives in the mail and I can just sit down and make the block.  It's fun and the colours are not those I would normally choose, so it's even more delightful.  What do you think?

Here is Block 1 & 2.  I used Marti Michell templates (from set A) to cut the pieces and I'm pleased that I did.  Not since we closed the shop have I made a block with so many points to match!  I even dragged out the fork pins from the drawer to use - I really enjoyed making them.

Regards, Bev

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