Sunday, 29 April 2012

It's Good to Go Back....

A friend came to visit this morning and I brought this quilt out to show her.  Completed a while ago now, it's still a favourite of mine (shame I didn't take the time to press it before taking the photo).  The simplest of piecing from a selection of bali dyed blues surrounded by a white border with lots of free motion quilting.

More recently, this is what I've been slowly working on.  Now the centre section is all pieced and quilted - I've done it quilt as you go so I could stitch it with my  Bernina 440.  It's time to start on the borders.  I've decided I'd like to use this on my bed so I'm going to add a wider border at the bottom of the quilt both to add length, but also because I love those gorgous big flowers on this print - LouLouthi from Anna Maria Horner.  I've used many fabrics from this range in the quilt and the more I work with it, the more I like it!  Incidentally the pattern is Growing Up by Wendy Williams.

Last photo has been put in for my daughter Melanie - see my constant companion Louie the Sheltie here watching over the process, the only surprising thing is that he's not actually sitting on the quilt.  He considers any fabric that goes on the floor to be his personal sitting space!

Till next time - Bev

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Finally, a little sewing..........

Life's been pretty busy over the past few weeks so it was wonderful yesterday to actually do a little cutting and stitching.  I signed up to receive a Block of the Month - Gypsy Wife from Amitie Textiles in Melbourne.  I'm really enjoying the liberty it gives me in that I don't have to choose the fabric or the design, each month an envelope arrives in the mail and I can just sit down and make the block.  It's fun and the colours are not those I would normally choose, so it's even more delightful.  What do you think?

Here is Block 1 & 2.  I used Marti Michell templates (from set A) to cut the pieces and I'm pleased that I did.  Not since we closed the shop have I made a block with so many points to match!  I even dragged out the fork pins from the drawer to use - I really enjoyed making them.

Regards, Bev

Friday, 13 April 2012

To Start???

I have started a new job - it's wonderful to be in a paid postition again after the past few years, and while I admit I am really enjoying it, I will admit it is taking it's toll on me.  When I last blogged, I had just completed all the applique and nine-patch blocks for my Growing Up quilt and blithely planned to quilt a panel each day.  Well six weeks later, I'm up to the fifth one, with one more to go before I can start the borders.  It does look good and I hope to have the panels finished by the end of next week.  Here's to staying on track.

Did you have a lovely Easter?  Mine was spent at Bribie Island.  The weather was just beautiful and we had a marvelous time relaxing.  I even managed to read a couple of books - always a pleasure.

I'm afraid that's all I have time for now, I do hope to post again shortly - with photos!

Cheers, Bev